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People living life to the fullest.


Partnerships towards better life outcomes.


Hamilton Residential Trust was formed in 1989, as a response to the closure of big institutions and people being supported to live within the community.

In 2015, we became Aspire—Community Support, and are proud to be a dynamic service with a number of properties, a supported independent living service and a broad range of staff skills and expertise.

As a small service we pride ourselves on providing individualised services for the people we support. Our small size allows us to be flexible, nimble and adaptable. We work in partnership with the people we support, staff and also organisations within the sector to meet our vision – People living life to the fullest.

How to access Aspire

We understand that choosing the right service can be difficult, so our Support Services Manager, Judy Fynn is able to talk you and your family/whanau through the process of deciding if Aspire is the right service for you. 

Ministry of Health - Am I eligible?

The Ministry funds a range of Disability Support Services (including the services provided by Aspire - Community Support). These are available to people who have a physical, intellectual or sensory disability (or a combination of these) which:

  • is likely to continue for at least 6 months
  • limits their ability to function independently, to the extent that ongoing support is required.

Needs Assessment and Service Coordination services

If you or someone you care for needs support because of a disability, you’ll need to talk to a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination service (NASC). The Waikato DHB NASC is called Disability Support Link.

NASCs are organisations contracted by the Ministry of Health to work with disabled people and their family, whānau, aiga, or carers, to:

  • identify their strengths and support needs
  • outline what disability support services are available
  • determine their eligibility for Ministry-funded support services.

NASCs allocate Ministry-funded disability support services and help with accessing other supports. These services are then delivered by their respective service providers.

NASCs are contracted by the Ministry’s Disability Support Services unit. It’s their job to ensure that the support and services allocated to you are fair, and fit within the disability support services budget.


If you are an ACC client and would like to discuss accessing Aspire - Community Support, talk to your case manager in the first instance.