Our Services

  • Residential Support
  • Supported Independent Living

Aspire - Community Support supports individuals with an intellectual disability to be as independent as possible, to have a valued role in their community and live their lives to the fullest.

All of our support services are delivered according to the individual's needs assessment.  For more information about how to determine if Aspire is the right service for you, contact Judy Fynn on (07) 839 0183. 

Residential Support

Residential Support is a term used to describe a home environment that provides support for people up to 24 hours a day.

Residential Homes are where two to five people live together in a house.

Residential Flats are blocks of fully self contained flats.  Staff are on site and have a bedroom and office in one of the flats.

Both of these services provide staff support when people are home, seven days a week. All houses have late model vehicles to provide the transport necessary to ensure people can lead full and active lives. 

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living is a service that supports people with disability to live independently by providing support in the areas of their life where assistance is needed. The needs assessment determines where the person requires support and the number of hours per week support is provided for. Support is more often around community integration and participation.

Individualised Assistance for Very High Needs School Leavers

The service supports the development and implementation of a weekly individualised plan for each person based on the principles of Enabling Good Lives. The plan is built alongside each person, their family and other key supports. It will align with their personal goals, and empowers those individuals leaving a school environment with very high needs through choice and control over their supports and services.