Living my Life

Our philosophy of "Partnerships towards better life outcomes" really sums up our approach to delivering the Living my Life service. Available for people with lasting impairments after accidents, like spinal and brain injuries, this service is made up of four components, each of which is designed to bring you closer to your goals and aspirations.  

Facilitated Pathway Map - we will work together for up to 3 months to develop a visual map of how you would like life to be in the future. 

Independent Facilitation - we will work together for up to 3 months to develop a list of supports, services, groups and community options that meet your needs, hopes and dreams. 

Tailored Support - we will work together to develop and deliver the specific support you might need and want to achieve your goals. 

Coaching to Self Manage - we will work together as you decide if self managing your support is the right choice for you. 

Aspire has a long history of supporting people to live their life to the full. We see this new ACC service as a great opportunity to build on that.  We have a team of over 85 experienced support workers and a leadership team with a wide background, including clinical management, goal facilitation, support management and more. 

If you wish to talk about this service, call our office on 07 839 0183.  Your ACC recovery partner can to refer you to Aspire, and will be key in deciding which component of the Living my Life service is right for you.